What can happen when Court ordered Guardianship goes WRONG

“Killing Seniors?”   Who's Killing Seniors?

With the large number of aging Americans, some with substantial wealth, and others with only Social Security benefits, there is a “Feeding Frenzy” in the Guardianship Industry.

Consider The Following s5:

When a person (the senior) is deemed incapable of taking care of themselves, whether physically and/or financially, the courts can order the senior placed under a guardian.This guardian/senior relationship is often wholesome and beneficial to the senior. But, when there's money involved, abuse is possible.

Abuse can occur because under court ordered guardianships, seniors can lose control over their entire lives: finances, property and living conditions. Even to the extent of barring friends and family members from visiting the senior.

Is There Proof?

Contained in this website you can read how various seniors (victims) were first targeted, then they were improperly or falsely diagnosed as being incapable of caring for themselves, thus enabling the legal judicial system to place them under court ordered guardianship of a "licensed" individual or institution.    

Victims are often kept ‘drugged’ and isolated, but alive, until their financials are depleted, property sold or transferred out of their accounts. At the end, the victim convenently dies. Being old with their "diagnosed incapability", their deaths are listed as natural causes. How many of these "natural causes" can be disproven with exhumation and toxicology testing? 

This website was constructed to illustrate some of the worst of abuses, and probably the tip of the iceberg. The cases listed herein, may be difficult to read, but were compiled from many web searches. The bottom line is they are true. On the "contact" page find a link to a 2010 GAO report to the Senate subcommittee on elder care. Reading it will make you sick. The report is four years old, but don't expect Congress to address this problem anytime soon, they have other important things to do.

What You Need to Do

Finally,  seniors should protect themselves especially if they can identify as a potential victim. Talk amongst yourselves, and family, know who you can trust. Then, take action. We will soon make suggestions.

For others who suspect and/or have knowledge of potential  abuse there'll be a method to report it.

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Web Site Summary

Guardianship Fraud is the practice of taking legal guardianship of an elderly person, usually someone with financial resources, and then depleting those financial resources for other than the elderly person's benefit. The end result is often poverty, abandonment of the elderly and premature death.

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